Updated May 25, 2011
Hey everyone! Just want to get the word out about Cutting Edge Designs! Derek gets all his business/promotional material through them and wouldn't go anywhere else. If you're in need of full color glossy printing, marketing or media assistance - make sure you check them out!

Updated April 27, 2011
Just confirmed! Derek will be attending the 2011 CombatCon in Las Vegas, NV! 

 "Be a part of the action like never before! Whatever your favorite flavor of mayhem, some of the best Western Martial Arts instructors in the world will help you take your skills to the next level at CombatCon!"

Plenty of friends are appearing also as Featured Guests, such as Robert Chapin, Anthony De Longis, David Baker, and Jack Dagger! Oh yeah, and there's a panel for The Hunted...
Updated January 8, 2011
Derek wants to make sure that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2011 has started off just as well, if not better! May everyone have a prosperous New Year! Updated November 26 2010,
Derek hopes that everyone had a safe, fun and relaxing Thanksgiving!

Derek has plenty of projects in the works. Filming continues on The Hunted: Vindication! Look for updates and a new Video BLAHG over on the webseries page!   Updated October 29 2010,

Derek has been accepted into the International Academy of Web Television! The IAWTV "is an independent non-profit organization whose membership is comprised of leaders in the field of web television, web video and the digital entertainment industry. The principle mandate of the organization is to oversee the selection of nominees and winners for the annual Streamy Awards´┐Ż which recognize outstanding achievement in episodic shows produced originally for broadband distribution."
For more information on the IAWTV, click their logo above. Updated October 29 2010,

The promo trailer for The Hunted: Vindication will be shown at the Hallowscreen Film Festival in Sarasota, FL on 10/30/10 in their 4 pm "Shorts" block!"
For more information on the festival schedule, click their logo above. Updated July 22nd 2010,

Derek will be attending the Action on Film Festival!!
Taking place in Pasadena, CA, the AOF Fest is one of these most progressive film festivals on the scene today. With writers, producers, directors and filmmakers from all over the globe, including Mr Anthony De Longis. He will be hosting a seminar on "Creating Choreography that Matters."
For more information on the festival click the logo above. Updated May 11th 2010,

"Anything But Ordinary Radio will introduce you to fascinating individuals, along with equally entertaining talk to empower you to make clear decisions about implementing your passions and to ask the important questions about life. Be prepared to join us and begin living your Extraordinary Life! Listen in May 12th at Noon Eastern / 9 AM Pacific on BTR! Join Michael McCleary and Maria DiGiovanni as they interview Derek Conley, coach Kerri Myers, and speaker Myles Miller!" Updated December 11th 2009,
Take a look at the new Immortals trailer up over at our FaceBook fan page.   Updated Sept 1st 2009, Derek filmed the HD trailer for "Immortals: The Series" on 8/29, which should hopefully be ready in a few weeks.
Flying out to Atlanta on 09/02 for Dragon*Con (http://www.dragoncon.org), which will prove to be 4 days of pure Chaos... more filming for "Who The Frak..." (www.whothefrak.com) is planned as well. Updated July 21st 2009, Hi everyone! Derek will be leaving for (and arriving in) San Diego on 7/22 to take part in San Diego Comic-Con! Again, filming will continue for the reality show, which now has a website, www.whothefrak.com. This year's con is promising to be incredibly busy with meetings, appearances, possibly some panels, filming, and general mayhem.

Also, filming for the remainder of "Immortals", Episode 1, will wrap up after returning from the con. Head to www.immortals-the-series.com and find the "easter egg" to sign up for updates; the story is unfolding already through these updates so don't miss out! Updated May 22nd 2009, Leaving for Vancouver on 05/24, then a cruise to Alaska on 05/27, when we'll also be filming more for the upcoming "Who The Frak Is The Real Richard Hatch" show.

Also, check out the Youtube site for the movie "Reclaiming the Blade", where I'm humbled and quite honored to announce my fight footage vid has been listed as a favorite! Definitely check out this film...

Updated May 7th 2009,

I'll be filming for SpymasterHQ on 05/09

I also landed a role in the upcoming film "The Tunnel: Blackfire", as a government agent / "blackops" (or Special Forces) operative. I'll post more about the role when I can; hopefully this will start shooting this summer!

Updated April 16th 2009, Hey guys,
I'll be playing the role of an American secret agent for the adventure website, 'www.spymasterhq.com'...!

A cool concept, really; the website looks like it'll be fun. I'm pretty excited to be doing some filming for this...
possibly by the end of the month.

More updates to follow...

Updated March 7th 2009, Hey everyone... a brief update or two...
Can't go into too much detail (yet!) but I have been contacted to work on a sci-fi project by BLAM! Ventures (www.blamventures.com). This work will be a continuation of a popular 70's era sci-fi show. More to come once there's, well, a press release.

Due to the above, I may be changing plans and making a trip to San Diego Comic-Con again this year. I was supposed to head over to the UK but that may be postponed, but I'll still make it... :)

Also, we've filmed over 1000 hours for Richard's show and this is moving forward; again, more to update when I'm allowed to speak of it... needless to say, I'm pretty excited at the moment!

I am hoping to make it out to L.A., maybe in late April (an exact date hasn't been figured out yet) to train with Mr. Anthony De Longis (www.delongis.com). This will absolutely rock! For anyone who's been even remotely interested in stage combat / fight choreography, this guy is a legend and you've -all- seen his work, trust me. I've been a fan of his work for years and the opportunity to train with him is an amazing one and something I'm not going to pass up!

Trying to work some angles right now on other projects and just overall get myself more established.

So, small steps right now but I appreciate all of you who've joined me here, and elsewhere on the 'net and in person, with all of your support. It means a great deal.

Talk to you soon!

Updated February 22nd 2009, I'm pleased to announce that I finally have an IMDB listing over on www.imdb.com... nothing much there yet, but that'll change. :)